Prague, A City So Famous, It Would Reach The Stars.

I have been to many cities in my life, each one charming in its own remote way, though over the years i fostered a hatred for cities. I have never fallen in love with a place before, as i have for Prague. From its treacherous city streets in the winter to its bright starry nights. I often stare in awe of its people as they go about there lives in the shadows of castles and history so vast the mind strains at the seams.

Its cobblestone streets and buildings that mix the old and the new, threaten to grasp ones heart tightly and never let go. I have loved every moment spent in this timeless world. Each side street has a story, every corner has a secret that is begging to be told.

For a small country that some people go there entire lives without hearing about it carries the weight of the world with the grace and beauty of a goddess cradling a treasure at the heart of the world. I’ve spent two weeks in this land of modern age and fantasy, experiencing my first step out of the world I call home, (New Jersey USA).

We chased away 2016 exploring Old Town Square, and Prague’s famous Christmas Markets, watching the Hourly show as the Astronomical clock welcomes each new hour with a forboding bell ringing in the hand of a skeleton, as figurines move around the clock. Winding through the streets we found places like the John Lennon Wall, a simple tribute to a singer who preached peace, created in a time of conflict. Its amazing to see how resilient Prague and its people have been,  weathering world wars and invasion, but never losing there spirit.

Charles bridge took my breathe away with its majesty and the pure fact that this amazing landmark i had looked at in photos and books for so long was now beneath my feet. Centuries of history stored in each carefully placed stone.

Each morning when we look out the windows there are spires, no not sky scrapers and buildings that seem to swallow the sky, but spires of cathedrals and castles, the view outside my best friend’s flat both beautiful and in some ways serene for a city. At midnight on New years eve, we hung ourselves out the windows watching as fire works broke the night sky, not official fire work shows, but from everywhere, gunpowder hung thick on the air and colours shot through the fog.

Everyone says how beautiful it is to go to Times square in New York City to watch the ball drop, but as we toasted to a new year and waved sparklers like wands my heart and soul wanted to be nowhere else but here. As we all ran down the stairs to go let wish lanterns dance into the sky, I found beauty in the laughter and off key singing of the people i heard in the distance. There was something so wonderful about it all, and the next day we dove into the crowds of people to watch the city’s fireworks display welcome in the new year and light the skies.

We spent a long weekend driving through Czechia, but that is a story for another day. Because it was when we returned to Prague, that I felt like I was coming home. Even walking on the uneven old streets and dragging our bags onto city trams was almost comforting, returning to a place out of time but also in time.

In the last few days of my adventure here we visited Vyšehrad, one of the oldest parts of Prague it houses the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, and breathless views with older streets and buildings then even the United states. As snow fell on the picturesque Basilica and its surrounding buildings, I was brought back in time for just a moment, to when this place was shining and new. But that is the magic of this City, one moment you stand in modern day, then the next if you close your eyes you can imagine you have jumped into a world so very old.

Today, my final day in this city of History we visited Prague Castle, a looming gorgeous piece of history that overlooks the city, a constant reminder of the past and the bright future to come. It seems almost fitting that my final day we would walk through the castle gates and gaze upon pieces of history so old, I felt the ground move beneath my feet from the sheer emotion and power of this place.

St. Vitus Cathedral stands at the heart of the Castle grounds, dwarfing even some of the highest spires with those of its own. Within it holds art and the final resting places of some of the greatest men and women to come from this country. Walking the cold halls I felt so small compared to a place that took so long to build and would surely stand far longer when we are all gone.

Gazing upon the first throne room in Prague Castle filled me with wonder in the simplest way, once upon a time a King sat on that throne and men and women, rich and poor would come to him to seek his approval or aid, and that is a truly powerful thing to behold. Stepping through the winding streets that makeup the castle grounds if you go down the right side street you will find the oldest most historical street in the entire city.

The Golden lane, with homes so small it makes you reflect even on something as complicated as evolution, how over time we as human beings have grown and our doorways and homes have grown with us. Each shop held something unique only to this amazing place, and a few doors down are homes protected and and preserved through the ages.

I will dream of this city for the rest of my life, revisit the memories made here in distracted glances out the windows of my rural american home. I don’t know how its possible, to love a place so much, to feel like you belong here, when you barely speak the language but the cadence of czech still settles in your heart peacefully. I may be flying home to America tomorrow, but my heart will stay in Prague, a city that was once foretold to be so famous, it would reach the stars, and so it has.



The Best Sort Of Accident

“You messaged me out of the blue.
I wasn’t looking for anyone,
In fact I was too busy running from someone else,
But I slowed down enough to reply
You slowly became my good morning text,
My drunken phone call,
My tearful FaceTime when work had wrung me out like a dirty tea towel,
And you were there,

You Can’t Catch Me Now

I figured out that joy isn’t in your arms. And though you left me with an empty heart and a bloody hole where it used to be. I took the time i had to get to know me. And you stayed still frozen in time you haven’t changed a bit since i saw you last and you look at me and you see a woman on the move, i’ve grown since you left and the gods honest truth baby the biggest act of love you ever did for me was breaking my heart that summer day.

You bashed my heart upon the rocks and I bled like a murder victim, if you never said anything I doubt i’d have come this far. I’ve lost some weight but gained some confidence, learned to see i’m better then you in every way. And whats hysterical is you can’t seem to take your eyes off me.

You’ll be trapped here in our small home town behind that deli counter for god knows how long and I’ll keep moving on and go places you never dreamt of going. Your occupied by day dreams and i’m off living each dream we spoke of, and you think a sip of alcohol is all there is too living well I have news for you sweet love of mine. You haven’t even scratched the surface you haven’t even began to see the world out there.

So tell your friends i’m crazy you only feel like saying that now because you can’t have me. My girlfriend’s better then yours, she’s loyal and true, atleast she grew up giving a damn about life, about love about me. I’ll watch you fade to black and white and you can watch me living in technicolor, next time you’ll reach for me baby you wont be able to reach because I’ll be on the next plane outta town. Destination everywhere.

I Long For You

I miss you
The same way
The sun misses the earth
When the moon comes out to play
I long for you
The same way the wolf
Longs for the moon
When the sun rises
Perhaps the wolf
Loves the moon
Because its a lover
She can’t reach,

But despite the pain
I long to bathe
In your radiance
And dance to the music
Of your voice

Time and distance
Can’t heal everything
My ebony goddess
In my eyes your like the stars
So beautiful but much to far
For me to reach

And though the wolf howls
In the black of night
Though the wolf cries for the moon
The moon refuses to shine
Only deaf ears hear the howls
Of the lone wolf’s song

Until the day comes
When the moon shines bright
The wolf shall run in the darkness
Of the night

And if the light should ever return
To my eyes
I’ll wait for you my lady
beneath the starry skies.

Blank Spaces

If we closed the distance and we spoke the words we felt, lay in the dark together talking about heaven and hell. After one too many glasses of wine i’d find your lips you’d find mine. Lets fall into the darkness baby together we can escape. Ragged breaths and clothes falling to the floor, i’m biting your lips and you say you want more. We are young and we are reckless for a change we’ll play the game. And as the new sun rises we’ll drink coffee and talk about dreams, go for walks on freshly fallen snow, such simple things I know. 

Cold nights follow sun soaked days, we’ll lie by the fire doing our own things, and then you’ll catch my eyes on you, the look you realize like a predator to pray and we wont care whats wrong or right we’ll keep playing the same old game. 

But fear is power above all, i’ve known you for so long, we’ve seen each other at our worst we could work this could be perfect. Theres blank spaces between my fingers where yours should be, theres a place in my bed where I imagine you lying next to me. I don’t know what were doing but if we closed the distance, we could do impossible things. 

I’ve got a Blank Space baby, and i hope i’ll write your name. 

Unfortunate Circumstances

Like a storm i’m in your life filling up the empty holes you didn’t know you had. Filling lonely hours with laughter and passion. But years can be a painful separation when it comes to the test of time, and your younger then i, now were asking whats right or wrong, good or bad. Gentle words flow into fantasies, a gasp, a touch, a arousing scene. Passion comes out in many ways, how did we end up in this game? 

Its your pain I fear the most when reality sets in, if it were my choice we’d just be two people looking forward to being together two people locked in a hug that wont release. But we are not just two people, and I watch you crumble like london’s bridge and I remind you this is why storm’s are named after people. 

When I look at you i see someone so beautiful and alive, so real I could reach through the screen and hold you tight, I held back those little words for awhile so fear filled of scaring you, we keep dancing like this we walk the narrow line between proper and wrong, but its in the place between whats wrong and right you will find me, I pray you’ll find someone better then a demon in girl’s skin. 

I wish to be the sinful reason you smile and the gracious reason you rise, i love to see you smile and hear you laugh at the silly things i do. States separate us and so do aching hearts, bodies and minds that should be allowed to dance are torn apart. And i look to you with the wonder of a blind man when he first sees the sunrise, I just wish things were different so i could be yours and you could be mine, and perhaps you’d see yourself through my eyes. 

For Her I Am Unworthy

She is a never ending pirouette  no matter how fast I turn I can’t keep up with her. Running as fast as I can, I pursue my dancer but she evades me. I remember the day I met her she was all vinegar and spite but like soothing a cat I stroked her fur just right, and soon not a single day passed without a word shared between us two. The beginning for us was innocent for me and you. 

I chase her through the trees my ebony goddess, her dress of forest green like a cape as she dances from my grasp. The first time I saw you I had to stop and remind myself not to stare, you were so perfect in every way. Your laugh was better in person and the way your fingers curled around mine when I held your hand was like locking every thing i ever felt into place. 

I’m so close to catching her as my fingers graze her warm skin, a flutter of hope thrills my heart and the sun begins to shine. Over the summer when we kissed, leaning against my car startled both by our actions and how good it felt. I remember the way you melted into me. Your lips were soft, explorative and craving you tasted like the meal we shared and secrets hidden in the rain. 

Clouds darken the sun and the warmth of my dancer’s skin evades my touch, through the trees I watch her run into the warm arms of another girl. Someone far more deserving, but why does the beast crave the beauty? Because we love the things we cannot have. I’ll live on in memories of kisses and cold movie theaters in laughter and planned out scenes, in the end why would you miss a crucible with a butterfly kiss.