Moonlight on the sea
bright colored candles of yellow orange and deep purple

some lavender mandrake and flax seed will do nicely

these will be best suited for your objective all the right details just where you need them at the right time

1st Quarter Moon in Gemini🌜while the Crescent Moon is in this airy sign it’s time to stir the fragrant pot …
seasonal are the temperatures wind bites as ice scatters upon the earth cracking to the cold water underneath
pour all that playful energy you have into the spotlight…indulge in your private life…house of lovers…interesting playmate…keep the next few days secret between you and you know who…just think of it as a romantic buffet…the secret is uninterrupted attention
deliver the message of your freedom and independence…your fun loving soul…some lively chatter…to a new acquaintance…after your point is made send them on their merry way…off to inspire others…pay attention…

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