Big Brother <3

I wish i could paint pictures with the words you speak to me and show you the beautiful mural that lives on my memories, a soft glow of positivity given life by your voice and burns like the sun. When my mind fades to black you turn the light on and i know this life isn’t always fun for you either and you wish you could hug me all through the night but the thing about battles is that they are easier to fight when you have someone. I’ll be your sidekick the red to your green the robin to your bats, and we’ll make it out sometime. Some people aren’t born related by blood they happen to find each other when god hurts them enough and he tosses them together and leaves it up to them to make a connection. You mean more to me then a few strands of DNA and blood could say your the family I choose and trust to stay, your the one that if you need me well i’ll come running. So when the night threatens those eyes that shine when you smile look back on the days that made you laugh look at these words that will live forever in the future and the past give or take a few years i’ll be a room down the hall or the house down the block. Till then take pleasure in what few older brother’s have and thats called privacy because once i’m there with you, there wont be any way to get rid of me. ❤

You Can’t Catch Me Now

I figured out that joy isn’t in your arms. And though you left me with an empty heart and a bloody hole where it used to be. I took the time i had to get to know me. And you stayed still frozen in time you haven’t changed a bit since i saw you last and you look at me and you see a woman on the move, i’ve grown since you left and the gods honest truth baby the biggest act of love you ever did for me was breaking my heart that summer day.

You bashed my heart upon the rocks and I bled like a murder victim, if you never said anything I doubt i’d have come this far. I’ve lost some weight but gained some confidence, learned to see i’m better then you in every way. And whats hysterical is you can’t seem to take your eyes off me.

You’ll be trapped here in our small home town behind that deli counter for god knows how long and I’ll keep moving on and go places you never dreamt of going. Your occupied by day dreams and i’m off living each dream we spoke of, and you think a sip of alcohol is all there is too living well I have news for you sweet love of mine. You haven’t even scratched the surface you haven’t even began to see the world out there.

So tell your friends i’m crazy you only feel like saying that now because you can’t have me. My girlfriend’s better then yours, she’s loyal and true, atleast she grew up giving a damn about life, about love about me. I’ll watch you fade to black and white and you can watch me living in technicolor, next time you’ll reach for me baby you wont be able to reach because I’ll be on the next plane outta town. Destination everywhere.

I Long For You

I miss you
The same way
The sun misses the earth
When the moon comes out to play
I long for you
The same way the wolf
Longs for the moon
When the sun rises
Perhaps the wolf
Loves the moon
Because its a lover
She can’t reach,

But despite the pain
I long to bathe
In your radiance
And dance to the music
Of your voice

Time and distance
Can’t heal everything
My ebony goddess
In my eyes your like the stars
So beautiful but much to far
For me to reach

And though the wolf howls
In the black of night
Though the wolf cries for the moon
The moon refuses to shine
Only deaf ears hear the howls
Of the lone wolf’s song

Until the day comes
When the moon shines bright
The wolf shall run in the darkness
Of the night

And if the light should ever return
To my eyes
I’ll wait for you my lady
beneath the starry skies.