Oh when the music fades to static, does your heart ever feel like a empty speaker, waiting to bring out the beats of the next song on your play list.  Tell me what comes next. When the sad songs fade to love songs and the tragedies turn to ballads, well i’m just convinced misery loves me. Build up the tempo feel the beat in your soul, let the sound vibrate through your lungs, then its when the crescendo hits, the highest note breaks your mind and ruins all those bad thoughts you were having about him. Its just you and the music for one moment, the CD skips, that one bad song plays, the commercial comes on the radio, but you feel the tingle in your chest. All because you let the music in. So if we don’t wake up tomorrow, lets dance tonight, close your eyes and listen to the sound of that mic as it cracks, to the beat of the drum, when the sun rises we’ll always have the music. 

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