Oh when the music fades to static, does your heart ever feel like a empty speaker, waiting to bring out the beats of the next song on your play list.  Tell me what comes next. When the sad songs fade to love songs and the tragedies turn to ballads, well i’m just convinced misery loves me. Build up the tempo feel the beat in your soul, let the sound vibrate through your lungs, then its when the crescendo hits, the highest note breaks your mind and ruins all those bad thoughts you were having about him. Its just you and the music for one moment, the CD skips, that one bad song plays, the commercial comes on the radio, but you feel the tingle in your chest. All because you let the music in. So if we don’t wake up tomorrow, lets dance tonight, close your eyes and listen to the sound of that mic as it cracks, to the beat of the drum, when the sun rises we’ll always have the music. 


Waiting For Superman

Dedicated to Michael. My Wonderful, Beautiful, Handsome older Brother.

I’ve been waiting for Superman on the corner of lost hope and broken dreams, in the rain that falls on Utopia. Everyone said he’d never come, kind passers by said not to wait, that other’s would provide for me the thing I so desperately craved. And i didn’t know I needed him till I saw him shoot across the sky, a miracle in red and blue-so startling to my eye. 

Walking down the narrow path between victory and defeat he found me cart wheeling over broken glass and memories and stories best left unspoken. So soft and kind in his approach gentle and genuine, in time I learned the man of steel was lonely too, he was just looking for a friend. 

And it must have been lonely growing up as the last son of krypton, loving stories that made no logical sense. Foolish is what they called him but I told him that he’s brilliant. Sometimes the brightest star is just misunderstood, he built a strong man around a scholar, with beauty only gift to few. 

They told me not to believe in Superman, that he would never notice me, a simple girl lost and broken looking for sanctuary. But no one knew what I could see that Superman needed someone just like me, I pulled the pieces of pain from his strong arms and bandaged up the wounds. Told him about the things I knew however little they were, and in my words he saw that though he came from far away we were very much the same. 

I no longer wait for Superman, he actually waits for me, and together we look at life through each other’s eyes and I save him while he saves me. Together no matter how small we make a family, He’s someone I love more then the stars can see and as the sun sets and to the murmur of the radio I fall asleep, its the strong arms of my Big Brother Superman. Who i know is protecting me.