Not As They Imagined

Growing up i never saw myself as the kind of twenty something year old, who would speed down country highways close to midnight the moon reflecting in my rear view with music blaring loud enough to wake the dead. Never saw myself as the leather jacket, cigarette smoking code, inhaling the acrid taste as it filters through my lungs and nicotine seems to burn my stress away. I never saw myself as happy to be this way.

Happy to be different then the picture painted for me the day i was conceived, the perfect future imagined for me. So far nothing mummy and daddy has planned hasn’t worked out so as the meter hits 95 and wind rushes past my cracked windows dragged the smoke from my third cigarette of the drive out the crack i realize.

I’m okay with knowing i’m not the daughter they dreamt of.

I challenge them, disappoint them, i make them think while at the same time making them proud.

They didn’t get the dream.

Instead they got me.

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