Unfortunate Circumstances

Like a storm i’m in your life filling up the empty holes you didn’t know you had. Filling lonely hours with laughter and passion. But years can be a painful separation when it comes to the test of time, and your younger then i, now were asking whats right or wrong, good or bad. Gentle words flow into fantasies, a gasp, a touch, a arousing scene. Passion comes out in many ways, how did we end up in this game? 

Its your pain I fear the most when reality sets in, if it were my choice we’d just be two people looking forward to being together two people locked in a hug that wont release. But we are not just two people, and I watch you crumble like london’s bridge and I remind you this is why storm’s are named after people. 

When I look at you i see someone so beautiful and alive, so real I could reach through the screen and hold you tight, I held back those little words for awhile so fear filled of scaring you, we keep dancing like this we walk the narrow line between proper and wrong, but its in the place between whats wrong and right you will find me, I pray you’ll find someone better then a demon in girl’s skin. 

I wish to be the sinful reason you smile and the gracious reason you rise, i love to see you smile and hear you laugh at the silly things i do. States separate us and so do aching hearts, bodies and minds that should be allowed to dance are torn apart. And i look to you with the wonder of a blind man when he first sees the sunrise, I just wish things were different so i could be yours and you could be mine, and perhaps you’d see yourself through my eyes. 

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