‘The Mortal Instruments’ returning as a TV series

Exciting news hmmmm i think i support this idea.

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The Mortal Instruments is continuing. As a television series.

The Hollywood Reporter made the announcement that The Mortal Instruments is returning as a TV series, which is currently in development and set to begin production next year. Ed Decter will act as showrunner.

“It actually makes sense to do (the novels) as a TV series,” Constantin film and TV head Martin Moszkowicz told THR. “There was so much from the book that we had to leave out of the Mortal Instruments film. In the series we’ll be able to go deeper and explore this world in greater detail and depth.”

There are no broadcast partners yet attached.

Since production is set to begin next year (2015), it sounds like they’ll begin filming on the pilot around March next year and are aiming for a spot on the Fall 2015 TV schedule. More than likely this unfortunately means they will be recasting.

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And there is no such thing, as making up for lost time. Its over and it’s all been said before, some people love each other but there is always that one person who loves the other one more.

So all the best books tell me love comes in like a storm, that you go through a million versions of ‘the one’ and being torn. But i don’t want to play such petty games. Never was the kind to date.

It makes me laugh

When I think about how

I thought you were

My Fate.

Rambling Texts You Wont Answer

I wish i could hate you but if i broke you, you ground me into dust. Theres not much left and it hurts to exist. When i even dare to think of last Christmas and when you gave me that beautiful necklace it feels like a bloated lie. Hearing you say “i promise” used to fill me with warmth and safety because you never broke a promise till you saved them all up and broke them all at once. Im dead in the water struggling to appear happy and normal to everyone. My loving friends who advise me to forget you and the hole in my heart but for some reason i still love you. If i think to long i fall into depression’s familiar cold embrace. Theres no one for me anymore. Its not fair the pain the torture the cruelty. I hope your proud. Avoiding you has become a art form and i am a master. I wish i didnt have to exist in the same world as you because though i throw bandages on the wounds they wont stop bleeding and though i lie to everyone and tell them i dont hurt anymore The only truth is all of me loves all of you and all i want to do is move on and forget how badly you fucked me up. Maybe I’ll learn to trust others again but for now im stuck crying into my nightmares while my pain gives you pleasure and you laugh at me like you did with all the other ex girlfriends. To think the kindest people have been the ones with hearts you broke. They just never loved you like i did. Like i do.