I’m Allergic to School

Something about being on the college campus that drives my nerves insane. My heart tightens and i panic just thinking about coming on campus every day. Back when i first started out here it was like this, daily panic attacks that led to me dropping out of school all together unable to cope with the pain. Last semester I had to up my medication in order to function and it looks like we will be doing that again. 

Caffeine doesn’t affect my anxiety, i’ll be practically hanging from the rafters with nerves with or without it. If i am going to be shaking all day i might as well be awake for it. I really hate this and wish there was a way to avoid it, i’ll most likely go home early today since all i have is one morning class. 

I don’t know how i manage to function anymore or even go to class, its just a uphill battle. 

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