You are lost in the darkness trying to find your way home I want to embrace you and never let you go, but love runs like blood in my veins, you say ‘let things run its course’ but what you really mean is ‘i want you to live in pain.’ Walk a mile in my shoes if you dare to understand the kind of trials you put me through for the love of a man. Do you feel any guilt i wonder, when in action you betray the emotions in your heart? Do you feel any need for penance when we are apart? So promises you broke, so many words you’ve choked on..did they ever mean a thing? they meant everything to me. Will you cry from my absence? I doubt you will the truth is I am nothing to you anymore. 

The pills in my hand steady my mind so I can see through the fog, they give me control over all I do and feel, all accept you. Your more addictive then any drug i’ve had, your worse then nicotine your deadlier then gas, you move forward blindly as you try to erase the past. 

With my rings in your car and so many reminders littering your room, I wonder how ignoring me has become so easy, so soon. I want you to come home but I also want you to suffer like me, is the virtue of a saint one that lets things go so freely? My will to carry on is wearing thin and you care less and less everyday, you wont miss me when I die, you never missed me anyway. 

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