Alchemy Loves Her Profanity

Nothing like good old fashion betrayal to make a girl’s blood boil. This week has been awful, he’s terrified of me because well i am a awful human being-one who is trying to be a pretty good human being. Today was a good day other then my anxiety that is,  until the very last second, I was checking my instagram and i saw a picture that I RATHER NOT HAVE BURNED INTO MY MEMORY BUT FUCKITY FUCK FUCK. 

It was a obvious ‘after sex selfie’ of ryan and that fucking whorebag sam. I hate this, i hate her, i hate him i hate both of them. I hate what they have done to me, to my heart, my mind, my ability to trust, but most of all i fucking love that stupid cunt bastard son of a fucking bitch. 

Why the flying fuck am I still caring about this mother fucker!? I feel so fucking betrayed. I love him, i hate him. I want to fucking stab the shit out of her though I hate her, with every definition of the goddamned word. 

One thought on “Alchemy Loves Her Profanity

  1. I love this, perhaps you can read mine


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