Return of the shortest kid xp

My best friend is back, I can honestly say that. No he never went anywhere its just slowly but surely he mentally checked out over the years and in his place came someone who honestly scared me. I didn’t know if this person cared for me or thought me any different then a monster or a spectacle. After last night i can honestly say I know he is back and he wont leave again. See thats the funny thing about aging, as you grow up with people you see them change and if you stick around long enough on some occasions the outcome is amazing. 

During doctor who i decided I wanted to cuddle, I picked up the blanket i was using and shuffled over to him and he opened his arms so i could crawl onto the couch and nestle myself against his side. Before when we were little he never hugged me or any girls in general now he looks to hug me, hold my hand when im sad and cuddle. We’ve never had anything more then sibling love for each other and to have this level of acceptance and cherishing from him it makes me feel spectacular. 

Before going home we chilled out and had a heart to heart just he and i, i am so proud of this boy i watched turn into a man. Chris you are amazing. I love you little brother. I can’t wait to see what you do next. 

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