Silly Fears

I am afraid fo the future, of the future with out you where you are free and in love with another girl and I am alone, afraid of the future where I am with you and I fear seeing you leave again. I say this not because you are a bad person, no I know you are a good man but I fear the moment you choose another, and one day we pass each other at the movies or in school. You’ll raise your hand and point at me and say “Oh thats my ex girlfriend” and a audible gasp will be heard coming from her lips. You’ll have told her so many stories by then, the crazy ex girlfriend you dated for four years, the one with the broken family and the cuts on her wrists, the one who hits people and has panic attacks. 

I know you will tell her because that is what you did when you met me, telling me stories of your past girlfriends and in my immaturity I laughed. You promised forever and I believed in those seven letters, i believed they meant something and in my heart of hearts i should have known. There is no harm my love in speaking of the past but still i fear the stories you will tell of a girl whose soul is bound for hell. 

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