Creative concept image of lavender  landscape in pages of bookI dreamt of purple flowers, a field of luscious heather, the sky alight with the setting sun the precious colours so vibrant. I dreamt of purple flowers that flowed gently in the breeze, come autumn there petals fell rushing past me. By winter they stood quietly on there rolling hills like sentinels of silence waiting to sing the snow kissing there petals and in the sun they were shining, come spring they bloom such gorgeous flowers full of life and light to wash away the dark winter days. 

They say that heather is the key to the other worlds connecting us to the fae, they say that heather is for those whom are shy and for those who wish to stay. They say this herb is for healing its gentle petals soothing through the night to bring about rest and sleep for those who toss and turn  and cast the shadows high. 

I dreamt of purple flowers, long before we met, when needing hope, when darkness spoke and light seemed far away. I dreamt of purple flowers to chase the ghouls away. I dreamt of purple flowers when fever nearly took my soul, i dreamt of purple flowers when my grandfather grew too old. 

Heather prays for peace, in a time of war, heather calls for compassion in times of pain, such is the nature of heather that grows along the old moores. A sweet flower that lives cannot be blamed, the flower of the angels, thats something you didn’t know, the flower of the fae, how funny it should show. I remember seeing purple flowers dried and oh so old, sitting on the mantle in grandma’s little grove. 

I wonder should she know my flower, the sweet heather of my heart would she say to me that between the two she can barely tell them apart? She would remind me of the days when kindness was hard to grasp, of tears and nerves frayed of darkness in the past. She would remind me that heather grows wild and free with a light heart and patience for any and all to see, with gentle words so wise and kind she’d give me those purple flowers to ease a troubled mind. 

The goddess speaks of many things in this spoiled world, and for my sweet heather my lovely healer girl, the goddess reminds my flower to live while life is here to have, to grasp the world in her small yet strong hands, to heal those who accept and travel on, to never grow up stay young at heart the Dearest Mother would say, to see the miracles you work in others, joys wrought by your hand, and never forget to stay strong. 

Look to me my flower my little healer girl, see the joy you bring a beast who’s known not of the light in this world? You are a blessing my purple flower a guardian angel on this earth, a healer like you’ve always been, a very precious girl. The world could be yours my dear you hold it in your heart just remember you are amazing; and when lost the Goddess will show you where to start. 

My heather is much like a flower, she is kind and beautiful and sweet. So much more compassionate then anyone i’ve ever met her heart truly reaches for those who need love and those she cares for. She is a healer she touches my hand and I know everything will be alright, I don’t think i’ve ever met someone filled with so much goodness in them full of so much light. She is my best friend, the sister of my heart, i treasure her beyond a shadow of a doubt. My heather is a flower but more importantly she is the moon, shining on me in my darkest hour. 


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