Letter to a lost love.

Do you hear me at night? When i’m trapped in a nightmare and i’m crying out for you? Do you feel me when I imagine my hand lost in the depths of yours, wrapped up tight and safe fitting like puzzle pieces. Does your heart ache from my absence? do you long for my words? Is my voice your most haunting memory? I am so lost without you my dear…not a day goes by without missing you and missing you brings pain. 

I feel as if I’m being slowly broken into tiny little pieces and scattered across the rocky planes, i’m talking to the walls and I’m trying to forget memories. But pain is something that demands to be felt, I cannot run from it no matter where I go. I don’t blame you for leaving, I don’t blame a single thing on you. Perhaps I should, perhaps i should see my self worth as someone who did not deserve this. 

But nothing worth doing is easy and If i have to, i will wait for you my love. I’ll continue losing sleep to the nightmares of my dreams as I wait for you to find your wings to fly home to me again. I love you, I love you so much. My heart bleeds and begs for mercy, please come back darling…

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